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RE: Energy Consumption Strategies in Urban Buildings Architecture and Design

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Would the amount of greenery and landscaping placed around a building have an impact? According to a newscast I watched the other day they were talking about placing more green space in cities to help decrease the temperatures in some cities.


Yes, an effort to mitigate everyday increase in air temperatures within urban cities started with the adoption of the greenery i.e trees and urban gardens being planted within the cities. Of course, a lot of benefits were achieved. However, research has shown that the energy require to cool a building in urban cities is higher than that which is required to cool a similar building in the rural environment.

Greenery also has less effect on direct radiation since evapotranspiration consequence of greenery is at ground level.

@joerhino I'm glad to read from your end, how is your health?

Thanks for the detailed response and explanation. I have always been amazed by the big temperature difference when I leave urban areas for rural areas in the summertime.

I am on the mend, getting better every day! Thank you for asking.