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RE: Ancient Roman Features in Modern Day

Archways always make design features around the home opening up spaces.

Enjoyed seeing how much good use you have used in arches, those on other buildings as well as that amazing bridge!



Ons has the best view of that bridge when staying at Caribbean Estates, it's beautiful especially when the sun sets, and as you can see, hubby loves incorporating arches into all his building projects.
Thank you so much for the visit, sorry I took so long responding but setting up Silver Bloggers is keeping me busy, I still have so much to do and learn.
Thank you for joining, we have a great bunch already with some real fun tales coming through every so often.
Have a wonderful week Joan, gorgeous Monday not so!

Trying to get to a place in my mind of happiness, alas a terrible weekend, none the less sun is shining, lovely cooler weather.

Yes the bridge and arches are something I too enjoy, our lounge has three arches separating the dining room, I prefer open to closed spaces.

Will look forward to content coming through on Silver Bloggers, wishing you luck moving forward with this new niche.

Awe Joan I'm so sorry to hear that!

At least the sun is out again, although still a tad chilly, but I much prefer this to that heat.

We've had some real fun blogs already and some useful info in the Silver Bloggers already, thank you for the good wishes, I was going to ask you to help with that, I'm very green with that! So far our friend @papilloncharity has been a great help, but there's still a ton to do and learn on my side!
I'm just happy we've got such awesome members already;)

So glad Stephen is able to assist you and will post once settled again, find time is limited, wish sometimes I had some more of my 'own time' to do what I wish, but hey life goes on, not so?