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The Monumento al Mate may look like an ordinary artwork on the side of the road to the untrained eye. But for curious explorers and lovers of culture, one would surely raise the question about its true significance. My heartfelt congratulations to the remarkable artists and sculptors who invested their labor of love and great talent to craft such a magnificent cultural monument for Argentina!

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Excelente ensayo que nos otorga un repaso breve y descriptivo sobre el mate, su importancia en las culturas aborígenes de Suramérica y como se ha convertido en una bebida tradicional. Tú explicación y su estructura son muy informativas.

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I love Argentina, I had the opportunity to visit it, I loved the Iguazu Falls, among other natural sites; and on those tours I always saw the Argentines with their mate.

I would return a thousand times to your beautiful country, do not lose it.

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So cool that they created this monument to honour it. Beautiful to see.