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RE: Sacred Geometry, Symbolism and Architecture

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Sacred Geometry gives architecture a sense of being balance and a place for enlightenment. The symbolism creates a space that has a profound influence on our health and spiritual well-being. Aside from the cohesiveness due to adapting the proportion in sacred geometry, it can boost the value of the architectural masterpieces' popularity and longevity from the mysteries and stories surrounding these geometries. We may never fully grasp what the numbers point out to or the symbol itself, but we are sure that architects and designers can create masterpieces by adapting these godly patterns and proportions. Again, sacred geometric patterns exist in our plain sight and the stories of wisdom it hides, perfect shapes and patterns, and philosophical tales that may be the blueprint of grand design and universe.

Dear @juecoree, Your article is interesting and cool!
It's hard for me to understand your great ideas, but you probably have Freemasonry and Unitarian tendencies! πŸ˜‰

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Yeah, I may sound Freemason and Unitarian, but my writing is more on relaying information not really a subjective commentary on the topic. !PIZZA



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