Road damage occurred due to heavy rain

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Weather conditions that are too extreme in recent days have damaged roads. This damaged road has no channels and retaining walls. due to heavy rain and running water damaged this road.

This work was completed last year and will continue construction again this year. since it is still in a state of covid-19, the budget has to be cut a lot to help the recovery of covid-19.

The position of this road is above the hills so it makes this road vulnerable to damage if retaining walls and channels have not been built. I hope that the government at one time will propose to build a retaining wall for the land and also a channel so that water from the hill can easily flow.

The road damage that has occurred is approximately 100 meters, something that must be addressed in this matter. In my previous post, I also mentioned about retaining walls. this time we have got the results from the road in the hills where there is no construction of retaining walls and also channels. a very dangerous impact for anyone who crosses this road.

in this construction will be made ready with asphalt. In the early stages of construction, option C and class B aggregates have just been completed. still requires a large budget for the construction of this road.



if there is already a channel, it must have reduced the seepage of water from the hills flowing into the road. the function of the channel is to drain water to the lowest point. The position of this road is in the hills. It is certain that the water coming down from the top of the hill is very fast, especially if it is raining heavily.

consequently there are no drains by the side of the road and will damage the road itself. The road shoulders that look badly damaged due to the flow of rainwater make the road material untidy.









Not only the channels needed in this road, retaining walls and box calvers are also needed. you can see the photo above the former from the water flow passing the road. Therefore, a calvert box is needed so that water can pass under the road and will not interfere with the road anymore.

in making this road the contractor has done his job as well as possible. it is proven that they made temporary channels by the side of the road so that rainwater could flow properly. However, in contrast to current events, the heavy rain in the last few days has made the temporary canal excavation unable to withstand too much water discharge and the flow of water is very strong causing the road body to become damaged.

This is how in the road work that is in an exstrim location a lot of unexpected things happen. natural and climatic symptoms at the work location become separate considerations in terms of development. I hope this road will be repaired quickly and make the people traveling more comfortable.

for anyone crossing on a new road, especially when it is still under construction, always be careful. we don't know the condition of the road we just crossed so always be careful. prioritize your safety when driving on new roads.




OMG, I hope the government will take the necessary steps soon otherwise the road will be completely destroyed. Retaining wall is the solution in such kind of cases as well as water channel to stop the landslide. Otherwise, this road will be completely destroyed...

yes, I think this will be quickly fixed for the general good. thank you for comment

Road erosion and landslides have become major issues when dealing with vulnerable street projects exposed to strong weather elements like wind and rainwater. Retaining walls and water flow channels are sound solutions to these problems and would help control further damage. How long does it usually take for a 100-meter road project to be repaired with the mentioned solutions?

if using precast concrete only takes 2 weeks. if you had to build it manually in the field it would take more than a month. I prefer they use precast concrete only takes 2 weeks.

it is for duct work and retaining walls

Indeed, precast concrete street elements are more practical, efficient, and save a lot of time on the site as everything is already pre-assembled. Please update us on this project if your team decides to proceed with the road repair work.

We have submitted the problem of repairing this road to the government. If later we win the tender and continue working on this road. I will make a report on road repairs.

This is bad! hope that get's fixed by the authority soon. that's good that you highlight the problems in the area.
Keep sharing:)

Thanks, We have proposed this to the government to repair the road.

Driving on new roads is wonderful but one should be cautious as you explained. hopefully this new road get repaired as soon as possible.
That is good information. Hope you have a lovely week:)

I hope it will be fixed soon

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This is dangerous, especially for someone driving who is unfamiliar with this road, even more so at night. Hopefully work resumes to provide retaining walls, concrete road, and channels for this area soon.

An architect friend planted a Vetiver Grass Barrier System to his steep mountain property as a quick and low-cost solution to avoid erosion and slow down water and sediment flow here in the Philippines. Perhaps temporarily, this might help while waiting for government funding and construction to resume?

in cases like this the local government usually takes quick steps to fix it. this issue has been submitted to the general development agency to conduct a field review.

Hello @fajarsdq, just popping by to congratulate you. Continue to provide informative posts! The damaging effects of erosion and the havoc it creates on roads deserve special attention.


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