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The need for road infrastructure is really needed to revive the economy in cities and villages. With the construction of roads, it will greatly facilitate the transportation of goods and services. so because of that a road was built within the village to support the improvement of the economy in the village.

for people who live in cities maybe they are all easy in terms of transportation. There are almost no more roads in urban areas that are damaged, even roads in cities are repaired faster than rural roads. the benefits of building roads in villages also connect rural and urban communities. in the economic and education sector, it is also very influential on the goodness of roads in rural areas.




The function of the dump truck on road works is to transport materials such as base B. So in practice this road starts from the class B aggregate. The distance to get the material to get to the work location is 15 km. Usually a dump truck that is loaded will travel at a speed of 40 km/hour. if the dump truck is empty it can go at a speed of 60 km/hour.



A very important tool in road work is a motor grader. This tool works from the initial preparation to the formation of the road body to get the appropriate elevation and also the slope of the road body. Motor graders have blades that can go up, down and also tilt as needed in the formation of the road body.

After the dump truck has poured material into the field, the motor grader immediately cuts the pile of material and spreads it onto the road. it is very important to get accurate thickness in road execution. here the motor grader will carry the material throughout the road and make a slope so that the water in the middle of the road is not stagnant later.



After the material is finished in shape by the motor grader, now it is the turn of the vibratory roller to grind and compact the material. This tool is also very much needed in road works, in addition to the function of grinding the material that has been stretched this tool also vibrates so that the material can be solid properly. This tool can only work after the motor grader has formed the road body.



This water tanker serves to flush the road that has been compacted by the vibratory roller. water tankers cooperate at the end of the road compaction. Usually these 2 tools will run simultaneously on the final compaction of the water tanker in front and a vibratory roller behind it.



the function of the asphal prime coat is to tie the top foundation layer to the road body. Liquid asphalt is used so that the material does not shift anymore. How to water the asphalt can be manually using humans or directly by spraying car asphalt automatically. before spraying the liquid asphalt on the road, usually the road body is cleaned of dust first using a compressor.



Asphal finisher is a tool for spreading asphalt, first the dump truck pours the asphalt into the asphal finisher, then the tool will run and form the asphalt with the required size. For example, asphalt needs a width of 4 meters.



The tandem roller serves to compact the asphalt that has been stretched by the asphal finisher. The tandem roller will run several times to compact the asphalt in hot asphalt conditions with a neat shape.



The function of the pneumatic roller is to compact and close the pores of the asphalt. it usually spins more than the tandem roller. besides closing the pores of the pneumatic roller asphalt which makes the asphalt more coherent and well built and level.



photos of the completed road implementation


Road construction - an extremely vital component in the rapid infrastructure progress of a nation! Thank you @fajarsdq for demonstrating to us the step-by-step fundamental process of street building! Were you part of the engineering team that managed this rural development project?

yes, I was a member of the implementation of the project

Excellent, great work!

I am sure most of us often see these road-making machines, I passed several during my drive today but I'm glad you created an individual profile of each machine illustrating their functions. Cool post!

thank you @discoveringarni
almost everyone has seen this tool, but not everyone knows what it is for.😀

I started getting more into it when we had to look for a company to develop the land of a specific project vs renting them per day etc. Since then whenever I see them on the road, the rental price comes up instead lol

whether the rental price becomes unreasonable there😂