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The atmosphere in rural areas always amazes us with the diversity that exists in the rural environment. as I see now there is a hut building on the edge of the rice fields. see how beautiful the views of the rice fields and the cottage building. why did I make this post on Architectur+Design. My answer is just to tell you that there are still classic buildings that look very beautiful on the edge of the rice fields.

If you come to Indonesia, you will see a lot of things like this in the rice fields in the village. People who live in cities rarely know things like or enjoy the atmosphere in the rice fields. only the villagers knew better about the pleasure of sitting on the edge of a rice field and enjoying this amazing view.

In this village, the rice is almost harvested, maybe in just 3 weeks they will harvest rice. Why did the villagers build this hut on the edge of the rice fields? The first thing this hut uses is for them to rest and protect their rice plants from the animals that will eat the plants.





These buildings all use materials of wood and thatch leaves as the roof. for the column they use the areca tree as a support for this building. in this building does not have a foundation like buildings that use concrete. the position of the column with the areca tree is erected to the ground about 50cm into the ground. while for ring beams they use well-chiseled bamboo trees.

For the roof frame, small and light wood is used so that the building can withstand the load well. they make it very neat even though this is just an ordinary building all the materials from the wood trees that exist. As for the beams under lantau also use wood almost the size of a column. For the floor, they cut the areca tree and arranged it neatly so that it felt comfortable when sitting. on the floor everything is nailed so that the floor does not shift.

for the stairs are also made of wood this is also neatly nailed to me this building looks impressive. although simple but all the needs in this building are there. for the roof itself, they sewed thatch leaves 2meters in length and 50cm in width. Many people in the village still use thatch leaves for their roofs and these thatch leaves can last up to 5 years.

I think the results of the building are very creative, indeed buildings like this are never found in big cities. people in the village are clever in utilizing what is in their environment. One example is they can build a hut without a plan drawing.

this is all the work of village craftsmen and managed to make one building even though it is not as good as a modern building but this is an amazing classic building for me.

I happen to have spent 30 minutes to relax in this cottage. calm atmosphere and beautiful view. if you find a building like this on the side of the road you should stop by and sit for a while you will feel the pleasure that does not exist in the city. especially if having lunch at a hut on the edge of a rice field like this will definitely be very enjoyable. Thank you for reading this post, I hope it's useful.




I remember these structure in fields.
#they are perfect in summer season and also keep you safe from rain.
Thanks a lot for sharing the wonderful images.

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