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RE: The Historical Center of my city. An example of architectural transformation over time //🏛 El Casco Histórico de mi ciudad. Ejemplo de transformación arquitectónica en el tiempo

Hello @xandra79, welcome back and so happy to see you posting in the community!
The morals and reflections are a great part of your post. It highlighted the importance of Adaptive reuse of heritage buildings to preserve their historical value from hospital to museum.

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Hello @discoveringarni. Thank you very much! I'm happy to be back. That's what I wanted to convey but your architect language says it better hahaha.

It should also be noted that an earthquake had left the building in ruins and through the social struggle initiated by a doctor, the reconstruction of the hospital was achieved. If this had not happened, perhaps they would have decided to place another type of building and today it would not be the Museum of Barquisimeto. At the end, history is written in one way when there can be so many ways to write it.