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RE: [ENG] Observing the foundations / [ESP] Observando las fundaciones

Hello @marcosmilano71, I am now catching up on blog posts after arriving home from 7 days of indispensable travel to Manila. It's fascinating to see construction sites. For me, it's the beauty of project management, orchestrating the precision of each schedule. I admire project managers who make things happen and seeing the developments as time passes.
I'm sure this translates to something even more meaningful for your children. I could just imagine their enthusiasm discussing various elements on site.


Hi @discoveringarni Glad you're back. We missed you for these spaces. Both you and the friend @storiesoferne and other good friends of this wonderful family have us used to your valuable comments full of good wishes and motivation. Regarding your comment, yes, it is true, my children are very excited to see this type of work, they are excited and we, the parents, are very proud of them because, in addition to being good professionals, they are good young people, decent ... excellent guys, thank goodness. From this humble corner of the Venezuelan geography I say goodbye asking God for abundant blessings for you and for your loved ones. Receive a virtual hug full of respect and affection.

Hola @discoveringarni Me alegra que estés de vuelta. Te extrañabamos por estos espacios. Tanto Usted como el amigo @storiesoferne y otros buenos amigos de esta maravillosa familia nos tienen acostumbrados a sus valiosos comentarios cargados de buenos deseos y de motivación. Con relación a su comentario, sí, es cierto, a mis hijos les entusiasma mucho ver este tipo de obras, ellos se emocionan y nosotros, los padres, nos sentimos muy orgullosos de ellos porque, además de ser buenos profesionales, son jóvenes buenos, decentes... excelentes muchachos, gracias a Dios. Desde este humilde rincón de la geografía venezolana me despido pidiéndole a Dios abundantes bendiciones para ti y para tus seres queridos. Recibe un abrazo virtual cargado de respeto y cariño.