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RE: [ESP] Paisajismo peligroso. / [ENG] Dangerous landscaping.

Hello @marcosmilano71, your post highlights an essential issue. I would speak from personal experience the dangers of not pruning the outgrown trees here in the countryside where we live. Property damage and power cuts brought on by strong winds or storms that soften the soil and overturn trees are some of the hazards we face. Fallen leaves as well block the roof gutters on houses if not properly maintained on a regular basis and pruning.

We presently have a huge Indian Almond Tree in front of the house we are renting. Luckily there are no electrical cables running along next to it but the number of leaves it sheds caused leakage problems and it also attracts dangerous insects. I am not a landscape designer, but if I were to design the house, I would not plant the tree where it is now. I would consider proper safe distance for such type of trees.


     Hey, @discoveringarni. Good night. Thank you for your comment. One of the serious problems is the accumulation of leaves in the gutters. You're right about that problem, here in most buildings happens. When renting or buying a home it is necessary to see the environmental conditions surrounding the buildings to avoid damage to futures, trees are a determining factor. Thank you and greetings.

Hola, @discoveringarni. Buenas noches. Gracias por su comentario. Uno de los problemas graves es la acumulación de hojas en las canaletas. Tienes razón sobre ese problema, aquí en la mayoría de los edificios sucede. Al alquilar o comprar una casa es necesario ver las condiciones ambientales que rodean los edificios para evitar daños a futuros, los árboles son un factor determinante. Gracias y saludos.

Greetings and have a good night, always a pleasure to read your posts.

Thanks a lot. Greetings and blessings.

Muchas gracias. Saludos y bendiciones.