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RE: [ENG] Supervising a roof waterproofing. / [ESP]Supervisando una impermeabilización de techo.

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Thank you for your great and informative article. I found myself wondering and later googling the temperature you have there while working on the waterproofing. I am certain your neighbors are grateful for the work that you, your family, and team do to save the rooftop and protect the apartments.



     Thank you for such a motivating message. The neighbors are very happy because a few days ago it rained a little and they had no leak. In fact today we are passing one more layer of aluminized reflective paint that was left over to further protect the roof of the building.


     Gracias por tan motivador mensaje. Los vecinos están muy contentos porque hace pocos días llovió un poco y no tuvieron filtración. De echo hoy estamos pasando una capa más de pintura reflectiva aluminizada que sobró para proteger aún más el techo del edificio.

Spending excess material (Aluminized Reflective Paint)
Gastando el material sobrante (Pintura reflectiva aluminizada)