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RE: [ESP] Finalización del trabajo de impermeabilización. / [ENG] Completion of waterproofing work.

in Architecture+Designlast year

Great job for creating a solution and improving the lives of the residents in your building.


Good morning from Venezuela. I'm sorry I hadn't answered you before, but I didn't have the Internet. Utilities fail a lot here. I am writing to thank you for your comment and support. It's nice to find communities on this platform that value the content we publish. Thank you and infinite blessings for you and your family. A fraternal virtual embrace from Venezuela.

Buenos días desde Venezuela. Disculpe Usted que no le había respondido antes pero no tenía Internet. Aquí fallan mucho los servicios públicos. Le escribo para darle las GRACIAS por su comentario y su apoyo. Es agradable encontrar en esta plataforma comunidades que valoran el contenido que publicamos. Gracias e infinitas bendiciones para Usted y su familia. Un fraternal abrazo virtual desde Venezuela.

Thank you for your good wishes and wishing you and your family the same. Have a nice weekend 🙂