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RE: [ENG] Supervising a roof waterproofing. / [ESP]Supervisando una impermeabilización de techo.

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The waterproofing process for a concrete roof deck is a critically important construction activity. Without proper care and handling, unwanted rainwater and excess liquids would creep through the floor slabs and ceiling cracks thus making the interior space a miserable area and susceptible to flooding. Thank you for showing us the step by step procedure. Amazing work and well done @manuelmilano!



     Nice day. Entirely true of your comment, leaks are problems that must be attacked quickly to avoid damage to structures. Thank you for your review.


     Buen día. Totalmente cierto su comentario, las filtraciones son problemas que deben ser atacados rápidamente para evitar los daños que ocacionan a las estructuras. Gracias por su comentario.