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RE: [ENG] "La Roca el Peñol" in Guatapé, Medellín, Colombia [ESP] “La Roca el Peñol” en Guatapé, Medellín, Colombia

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Hello @besamu. There seem to be some format issues with your post's written text - they appear tiny, Please adjust. Thanks a lot!


Estimados amigos de aplusd, gracias por la observación. Me pareció extraño que las letras fueran tan pequeñas y no supe como resolver el problema, pues no había hecho nada fuera de lo normal. Buscaré ayuda para resolver el problema.

Dear aplusd friends, thanks for the observation. It seemed strange to me that the letters were so small and I did not know how to solve the problem, because I had not done anything out of the ordinary. I will seek help to solve the problem.

</center><center><sub>"El Peñón" with its concrete stairs. Photo by alfceli @ (“El Peñón” con sus escaleras de concreto). Foto de [email protected])<sub></center>

You didn't close off the < /sub > at the end. Please amend it, your post is barely readable, the fact you managed to get any upvotes at all is quite reamarkable

Hello livinguktaiwan. You do not know how much I thank you for pointing out the omission I made. I was looking for a technician to check my computer. Thank you. I think I can no longer solve the problem in this post. Maybe those who voted for me went to the trouble of using Zoom to enlarge the text.

You're welcome @besamu. You can edit your post and add the missing / back before the sub here : Foto de [email protected])< sub ></ center >

Hello livinguktaiwan. Thanks again. Fortunately a young frend of mine helped me to solve the problem, that you just pointed out.