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RE: [ENG] "La Roca el Peñol" in Guatapé, Medellín, Colombia [ESP] “La Roca el Peñol” en Guatapé, Medellín, Colombia

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I can only imagine how hard it is to build all those stairs then the structure itself on top. It is a great architectural feat. So amazing!


Hello afterglow, good morning. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine how three men built a ladder made of wooden stakes, according to historians, in just three days and without the technological help we have today. The construction of the structure at the top is much later and they already had the path made with the stairs, which does not detract from its merits. Fraternal greetings

Wow, I am so much impressed with three days, I thought it would take months.

Hello afterglow, I think that the three days is part of the legends that are woven to enlarge these works even more.