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RE: [ENG] The Sambil-Barquisimeto Shopping Center [ESP] El Centro Comercial Sambil-Barquisimeto

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This is one of the most unique malls I have ever seen, at first glance on the first photo the whole place looks like a guitar.


Hello afterglow, thank you for your comment. Indeed, the shape of the structure tries to emulate a Venezuelan stringed instrument, called "El cuatro", a kind of guitar but with only four strings. I wish you a happy weekend.

It seems I have similar perception of the place with @afterglow. The place really resembles a guitar at glance. Accounting what you have shared that "El cuatro" is a kind of guitar, it seem really ingenious. By the way, good write up, @besamu. !PIZZA



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A guitar indeed :)

You're welcome, in our country a four-stringed guitar is called Ukelele