Jeremy Nieboer - The Cult of Global Warming and Climate Change

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The discussion on Climate Change has become a dogma that is cult like.
Everyone must accept man made climate change as fact and any questioning of that is mocked and ridiculed, the term "Climate Change Denier" is used to silence all dissent.
Jeremy Nieboer is someone who for the last decade has sought to understand climate change and analyse the "facts" behind it.
The truth is that the story we are given is not based on any data or fact but on fear and propaganda.
Jeremy's latest book 'Climate, All Is Well, All Will Be Well' which is a must read for anyone who wants to know the truth about the Climate Change ballyhoo.

Jeremy Nieboer was educated at Harrow School and Oriel College Oxford. After a period practising as a member of the Bar in Kings Bench Walk he was later admitted as a solicitor becoming a partner in two City law firms. He specialised in corporate work, including mergers and acquisitions, capital market public offerings, private equity transactions and commercial law. He still acts for a few long-standing clients.
His first encounter with any challenge to the accepted doctrine of 'global warming' came through his contact with Christopher Booker, whom Jeremy first met when acting as lead solicitor on the application by Lord Rees-Mogg to restrain ratification of the Maastricht Treaty.
Christopher himself published his essential work "The Real Global Warming Disaster" in 2009.
Just at the time of its publication, there was a public meeting in Church House addressed by Professor Plimer in which he succinctly set out the fundamental scientific flaws of alleged CO2 driven global warming.
It was this that set Jeremy on a path of enquiry and research.
Jeremy has since spoken at numerous meetings as to the want of any tenable scientific basis for the vast proposed expenditure on the folly of de-carbonisation.
He published his first booklet on climate alarmism with the Bruges Group in 2010, "A Lesson in Democracy", and has been a lead speaker at public meetings and debates on the subject.

Jeremy’s latest book ‘Climate, All is Well, All Will be Well’ available on Amazon

And he will be giving a talk on his book at ‘The Winston Smith Literary Review’ event at Wallingford Town Hall, near Oxford on Wednesday 22nd June at 7pm, free entry and all are welcome!
Hearts of Oak will be livestreaming the event on GETTR social media

Interview recorded 20.6.22

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