Fixing mummy's car tyre

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Greetings to my great friends in this noble community.

I decided to share with you all friends how I struggled to fix my momma's car tyre which got punctured and as matter of fact, this happens to be my first post in this community. Hope I'm welcomed


So yesterday being July 12 Thursday , I woke up and saw my mummy's cartyre flat and when checked, I noticed that the tyre got punctured. I was simply confused because this same tyre the vulcaniser worked on just a day before yesterday.
Told my mum and she said I should call the boy and I did just that. He told me he's busy that I'll have to wait when he get less busy but because his workplace isn't far from me, I decided to trek to his shop and when I got there I saw really that he was having quite a lot of work at hand and as such, I needed to wait .


But because he wasn't getting rid of those much work quickly, I asked him to give me his carjacker so I can remove the tyre and bring it to him and he agreed.
I collected the carjacker and upon getting home I proceeded with process of removing it but couldn't because of the incapability of the carjacker to Jack up the car.
So at this point in time, I was left with no option than to wait for him to finish.

At noon exactly 12, he came and removed it and lo, the tube in the tyre got spoiled at the ending part and therefore requires a new one.
Told momma and he gave me some money to go get a new tyre and I did just that. I returned a hour later and handed it to the working boy who proceeded the work.
He's quite excellent in his profession though. It took him less than 30 minutes to finish everything.

Went and told momma that the workman is done with his job and after giving me money to give him as workmanship, she also commended him and asked me to collect his number incase of next time .

Great friends, this is the story of how I helped in getting my momma's cartyre fixed.
Thank you all for having time to read through.


So stressful and interesting