Technology that was new but almost disappeared now.

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The rapid development of technology continues to bring new things into our lives almost daily, and some of those things become important for a specific use, but this development also takes away many of the things that we used to use on a daily basis, so in this article, we will remember some of those things that we used to use frequently but no longer exist.

Let's start with some of the more traditional methods of file sharing across computers.

Floppy disks and CDs

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I'm not going to go into great detail regarding floppy disks because they haven't been as popular since CDs were introduced. CDs were the most frequent and nearly only means to transfer files from one computer to another, which made them so popular, despite the fact that their storage capacity was limited. This wasn't an issue because data transmitted were much smaller back then than they are now. Not to mention that CDs were used to store information about programs, games, and songs, making them even more popular due to their wide range of applications. Nowadays, almost no one uses CDs, not only because of their small size, which makes them impractical but also because of their slow transfer speed. Instead, people usually upload the file to an online drive, and the person who wants it simply has to download it, which makes the process easier if you have a good internet connection.

Let's move on to something we use all the time.

Phones, especially folding phones

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Not everyone could afford smartphones because they were expensive and not particularly interesting to many people at the time, but those who did would be flexing on everyone else, assuming that person was wealthy enough to buy one. The biggest flex was having one of those folding phones, which were new, unique, and expensive, making them ideal for flexing. When Blueberry phones and later phones with touch screens became popular, folding phones began to go away.

Music fan? You would remember this then.

MP3 Players

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If you are a genuine music enthusiast, I doubt you would pass up the opportunity to own the only gadget that allows you to listen to music wherever. You will have your earbuds on when you are outside, in bed, or exercising while listening to music and enjoying your simple life. MP3 players vanished after phones became popular because they are all-in-one devices that can do a number of functions. As a result, numerous technical goods have vanished as a result of phones' popularity.

In the end, I would love to read in the comments about what technological products you used to use a lot but they disappeared after some years.

Thanks for reading, until next time.


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