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RE: Parenthood! The most difficult task in the world!

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Parenthood is really difficult. How hard I understand you man. Especially with all the pandemic we have now and the lost rust of schools and hospitals and all the medicine and the government as well. When I had a child I didn't know all thise crazy things will happen. Especially me and my wife work both from home. Now we have to take care of 3 years old boy all the time. When she is working, I'm with him. When I'm working she is with him. The first two years we fighted to sleep a bit. The third we are teaching him everything. And I think he'll need more and more time to be dedicated to him. But, we can't run from all this anywhere. Those our kids and we have to love them. We are the reason why they exist. Thanks for the inspiration and for being a good father as well. ☺

I can't imagine having more than one child. That could be even crazier. lol


Well the sleeping part in the beginning was indeed tough!
Regardless of my rant, I do love them soo much!