Does God even exist?

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In the last few years, I have come across several people who question the existence of God. They have their own logical reasons. Some ask the reasons of wrong happenings in the world despite the presence of God, others take the support from the theory of evolution. Some others would have other philosophical reasons behind their beliefs. A few days ago I went through the post I Am Alive - Day 122 by @angie08 in which she told that she was away from her home for a few days and when she came back home there was a mess there. She described the situation in the following words

Our arrival was not pleasant though. Neighbors dumped kittens here that pooped on our patio. The frogs also left dirt behind as well as the bats.
There is a lot of forest all around so a lot of animals too.
Mother and I cleaned all day today. We started with the bedrooms, which were full of spiders, so at least we won't sleep in a dusty room tonight.

Her description let me think if a very very small piece of land (i.e. a house) became so messy in a very few days just because the care taker of the house were away from it, how is that possible that so big a universe continuously evolved in its best shape without a caretaker?

Even if I accept for a while that the [DNA] was formed on its own and it took its very safe place in the chromosomes, and then DNA of thousands of species with specific information were evolved, even further within each species they kept a different information for every single individual, how would I stop me from wondering how DNA got so much wisdom to compose itself from proteins always and not allow a single fat or mineral molecule to enter in its formation process. I wonder how without a care taker the chromosomes do not try to elongate and always remain tightly packed around histones

I can't stop myself wondering from how alveoli in the lungs always separate oxygen from other gases and inhale it. Why doesn't it happen that they exhale oxygen and the inhale Nitrogen, especially when it is present in the atmosphere in the highest quantity. I wonder how without a care taker all the 480 million alveoli in an individual always are formed in the lungs; who stops them from coming out of the lungs and not place themselves somewhere else in the body.

These are a couple of functioning of an individual that I mentioned above. There are hundreds of structural and functional phenomenon within an individual that let me wonder how they have been so well placed without a care taker.

My amazement for an individual organism is overwhelming and if I think for a while that there are billions of individuals in each of the billions of species and all have the best functioning and structure for their survival, how can I stop me saying “there must be a care taker for them Who has endless powers, Who is omnipotent and omnipresent.”

The atmosphere gives me the reason to believe in the presence of a Supreme power. Even if I accept for a while that the atmosphere of the earth was formed on its own, how would I justify that without a care taker the gravity, the magnetic field and the composition of gases remained so much suitable for the life. Why didn't it happen that the Level of oxygen increased or decreased from its present percentage in the atmosphere. How it keeps constant at 21%. If there was not a care-taker and only the level of Oxygen had altered, the life would have become impossible on the earth.

If only the earth stopped rotating, or only the moon had increased or decreased gravitational force, or the distance between the sun and the earth was different than the current position, there would be an ultimate destruction of life on earth.

Don't you wonder how everything in the nature is so perfectly designed and is maintaining its best position.

Doesn't the perfect formation of the nature lead you to believe on a supreme being whose powers are beyond limits? Who can that be except the one who is called as God.

Whenever I look at my surroundings
And observe the bits and pieces of the nature
Everything speaks out loudly
“There is a God, There is a God.”

From the colours of plants
To my ability to see them,
From the fragrance of flowers
To my ability to smell them,
From the voices of birds
To my ability to see them,
From the sweetness of fruits
To my ability to taste them,
From the coolness of breeze
To my ability to feel it,
Everything speaks out loudly
“There is a God, There is a God.”

And what's more amazing in this regard
I not only see, hear, touch, smell or taste
But also I distinguish between
The fragrance of rose and jasmine,
The taste of apple and orange,
The touch of summer and winter wind,
The chirping of sparrow and parrot.
The well developed functioning my senses speaks out loudly
“There is a God, there is a God.”

Something that inspires me the most in the nature is
The birth of a new one
And transformation of a weak into stronger.
A small helpless seed turns into a huge strong tree,
the egg becomes a chick
And a drop of semen turns into a complete human body.
In these examples and many others alike
How a dead turns into the life
Make me speak out loudly
“There is a God, There is a God”

This is my entry for DCC contest

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I loved this was laid out so methodically and carefully...and I so agree.

I don't see how anyone could think this can just happen. I don't really care what they think . It doesn't bother me. Hehehe. But I know WhO the Designer is...and I'm in awe of His creativity!!!

Truly loved your poem at the end . Except....hehehe

A drop of semen does NOT turn into a complete body

A drop of semen will only remain a drop of semen for a few days and then die....UNLESS it is united with the egg.

Then together . Man AND woman create

Man does not give life.
Woman does not give life.

Both die unless they are united together ❤️

And that is also the beauty of the Designer...that He allows US BOTH to be a part of the greatest mystery!!! New life!!!!

Truly loved your poem at the end

Hehe, the poem!! It was just revealed. I was writing the post when the verses started clming to my mind. I dropped the mobile aside and took pen and paper and wrote as fast as I could.

A drop of semen does NOT turn into a complete body

That's true. It came to my mind too, but I was writing in a flow without thinking of any corrections, and I typed it as it is.

And that is also the beauty of the Designer...that He allows US BOTH to be a part of the greatest mystery!!! New life!!!!

The Designer has told us that no one is above the other but both are designed to take care of each other.

Thanks for your lovely comment @@@dreemsteem ❤❤❤