Snap out of your bad mood and be happy

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Nothing is as bad as been entangled in a bad mood especially when it appears when you least expected. It could be caused by anything and in a second or two we'd switch from being happy to sad. It could be a comment someone made about us that we didn't like, a bad news, or we were disappointed by someone.

It is not advisable to be in a bad mood for a long time. It is manageable when it's for a short time. It is the opposite of happiness and staying unhappy for a long time is not good for the human body. A happy life is key. Bad mood is often caused by the depletion of the ego.

There are several factors that may propel us to be in a bad mood and all of them are not far from being personal to us and our environment. The causes may differ but they have techniques that are common which could help to overcome bad mood.

The first one is to be thankful. You tune your mind away from all form of negative vibes to positive vibes when you are thankful and grateful. A lot of things may make us feel down ranging from the news we watch, academics, Finance, health etc. Being thankful helps to cool the brain and makes one feel relaxed and happy. We all have total control over our brain, hence, we can decide to switch from being in a bad mood to a good one by practicing the act of being thankful for what we've got rather than brooding over what we don't have. Appreciate everything around you such as good music, the delicious meal you are about to eat, people around you, the playfulness of your kid and so on.

Exercise can also be used to boost your mood not only your muscles. Our mood could be so bad that being thankful may not be the right choice. Exercise is a verified mood booster. Our body releases serotonin, dopamine, endorphins and norepinephrine chemicals to the brain when we exercise. They are released to make us snap away from the bad mood and make us happy. No wonder they are reffered to as happiness chemicals. Try to take a long walk, run or other form of exercise when you are in a bad mood.

Meditation is another way to deal with bad mood. Bad moods could result to stress and when the brain is stressed all we need is to just relax and take a deep breathe. It is a great way to observe and detect what the cause of the negative vibes are and also tackle them. It's helps to reduce the stress and tension that could cause bad moods.

Above all, you need to rest. Rest could be all you need, sometimes. We don't embrace enough rest in our world today. We work for longer hours and often do not take time to rest. Deprivation of rest could be a problem triggering stress and bad mood. Try as much as you can to rest and detach yourself away from your day-to-day activities that may not let you rest effectively. We need to recharge always.

These tips could help you snap out of your bad moods and make you a better person devoid of anger, frustration, depression and all sorts of feelings associated with bad moods.

All contents are originally written by me, @williams-owb

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