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PS5 is just around the corner, and it is that after months of mysteries, expectations and all kinds of advances to a greater or lesser extent, the Sony console will finally be on sale during the middle of November around the world . Faced with what will be an exceptional moment for the Japanese company, it has decided to make public the launch trailer of the console - which, in essence, will act as its main announcement -.

Eric Lempel, vice president of marketing for PlayStation, was excited by this commercial and mentioned that this spot is focused on the idea of discovering new ideas as well as adventures thanks to PS5.

“For launch, our goal has always been to create a place that feels epic and iconic; a place that truly celebrates our desire to push the boundaries of what is possible and evokes the excitement you will have through the unique experiences that are possible with PlayStation 5.

The theme of the spot focuses on the idea of exploration. We all have the desire to explore and discover new possibilities, whether in games or in our everyday lives. We all want to go to places we've never been, see what has never been seen. We tell the story by paying tribute to the explorers of the past who stood on the threshold of the unknown and crossed their limits to achieve the extraordinary."


If you recognized the voice that narrates the new ad, congratulations, because I did not at first. The voice you hear is that of rapper Travis Scott, who recently revealed earlier this month that he actually already has a PS5.

The theme of this new spot, as they explained, is centered around the idea of exploration, since there is a desire in all of us to explore and discover new possibilities, whether in gaming or in our daily lives. We all want to go to places that have never been and see what has never been seen, tell the story by paying tribute to explorers from the past who faced the unknown and pushed their own limits to achieve the extraordinary.


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