How crazy what Captain Crunch did on his YouTube channel

in The City of Neoxianlast year


You are going to see below the 'experiment' of Captain Crunch, a YouTube channel that is dedicated to shredding all kinds of hardware and objects in general that he has put on PS5 to his following goal:

As you can see, the author of the video divides the task of shredding the PS5 into parts, starting with something as simple as the instructions or the plastic base and eventually climbing to the console in question. However, the truth is that the shredder has problems to cover the size and robustness of the piece of hardware, being necessary to relocate it on several occasions.

Logically, in case there were any doubts, the video has a very negative ratio of likes-dislikes for the author. In fact, the same author comments that he has a second PS5 that he will give away if the video reaches 10,000 likes, but with less than a thousand likes after a couple of weeks waiting, it does not seem that there is going to be a change of mind about part of users.


It is incredible what a person is capable of doing so that people see their videos on YouTube and in the same way people subscribe to the channel, but is it worth it?