Embarking on an Exciting Journey Towards Becoming a Developer..

Throughout life, we all aspire to find a career path or a job that resonates with our passions and brings us joy. During my younger years, I developed a deep fascination for the world of technology, finding immense pleasure in exploring it. However, balancing my school activities with learning the skills I desired was no easy task.

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As my love for technology grew, I made a conscious decision to venture into graphics design and desktop publishing, which I believed would pave the way for me to contribute to technological advancements and be able to create series of graphics design work and also be able to network connection between PC of different kinds.

The journey of learning these skills brought me immense satisfaction, as I was pursuing something I genuinely wanted, rather than being compelled to do it. I was so happy because I was getting the support I wanted from my parents even while they were not so sure about what I wanted to learn. My excitement soared as I discovered the realm of programming languages, recognizing that it was the next phase of learning that would lead me towards becoming a developer and programmer.


Despite my eagerness, I faced discouragement from some individuals who claimed that programming was too complex to grasp. However, I remained undeterred, as I had a deep-rooted belief in my capabilities and dreams of pursuing a lucrative career in development. It has always been what my mind really want to do.

Fortunately, destiny led me to a group of friends in a new location who happened to be developers. Their presence provided the much-needed encouragement and support, reigniting my determination to pursue my goal. I was so happy that I have people to stand by me to make me go into it.

With unwavering zeal, I embarked on my quest to learn development. Obtaining a PC, I delved into the fascinating world of UI/UX design, understanding the critical role it plays in user interface and user experience. However, I quickly realized that becoming a developer was no easy feat, requiring hours of dedicated effort to meet deadlines and deliver quality work.


The learning process demanded so much of my attention that I occasionally forgot to eat, driven by the passion to master the intricacies of development and prove to my friends that I, too, was capable of excelling in this field. As I progressed in my journey towards becoming a developer, I recognized the significant differences and similarities between my previous work in designing interfaces for web and mobile apps and the challenges posed by the development phase. While I acknowledge the road ahead will be tough, I find motivation in the belief that nothing worth achieving comes without effort.

With a determined mindset, I am ready to face the hurdles that lie ahead, knowing that the journey to becoming a developer will be a fulfilling and rewarding experience. As I forge ahead, I remain steadfast in my belief that hard work and perseverance will pave the way for success in this exciting and ever-evolving field of technology.