Man on the moon: was it worth it?


For conspirators, no man has ever really landed on the moon.

It would be quite a problem if that were true.

Billions of dollars spent, human lives broken in an attempt to fulfill that dream that I dreamed was not in fact but just a way to be considered the best in the world in the arms race and the domination of earth and space that in those years justified everything.

Armstrong was a meek man, or so they painted him, and he will remain forever in history as the first man on the moon, the most legendary of all living things of the last century.

But what was he really for?

We never went back up there again.

We didn't fantasize about space like we did in those years.

Other conquests followed, other achievements, and yet the Moon remained there, hanging in space to watch over us, while we forgot it.

So how not to believe that the moon landing on the Moon was just a huge mirror for the larks, a publicity stunt to be envied by Ikea and Nike.

Since then the power of the USA has grown stronger and stronger and mother Russia has had to face the only defeat she would never have wanted to suffer.

Meanwhile in Vietnam Napalm bombs were falling from the sky. Within a few decades thousands of children would be born deformed and with every disease imaginable. It was the price to pay for the chemical experiments carried out by the Americans during the war in Southeast Asia that had caused 3 million Vietnamese victims and hundreds of thousands of very serious injuries.

It was the price of freedom. Freedom from what exactly?

From the Communists? As always happens and as always will happen on that territory, the Americans had long since set their eyes on it, a bit like they had done for the moon. They could have got their hands on a few more oil wells, stopped the Communist advance from China and Russia and dominated that part of the world strategically.

Just like the moon landing in Vietnam, they had invested more money than they could actually spend. In 1975 came the final defeat, six years after the great moon landing.

For the first time the U.S. was on the ground, bankrupt and a laughingstock of the world as we know it.

The echo of that landing had now dissipated and no one would ever look up in the sky at the Americans again. Everyone would look down into hell, thinking of the horrors they had caused.

An unjustifiable extermination by the beloved nation of the free world.

Today we are here, without a Moon to conquer but with other lands to invade. Venezuela will be next on the list but don't worry, from up there someone is watching us leaning his chin on a star-spangled flag, maybe never really planted but that after all some more spectators in the star-spangled show had managed to bring it home.


Articolo molto bello, come al solito. Dal punto di vista umano non servì a niente se non a giustificare l'uso di ingenti risorse pubbliche per affermare la leadership politica degli USA e rassicurare i cittadini americani da attacchi esterni.
Ma servì anche al benessere economico degli stessi cittadini USA, le applicazioni delle tecnologie scoperte portarono alla rivoluzione elettronica negli anni '80 e ad accrescere il potere economico, politico e militare degli USA. Per alimentare un settore industriale in crescita sono necessarie risorse ma soprattutto è necessario che l'approvigionamento di queste sia sicuro.. e se molte risorse si trovano in Africa ecco che qualche Golpe del favorito di turno può essere appoggiato.
Ad oggi sbandierare la libertà con le guerre serve solamente a giustificare il proprio operato agli elettori per gli interessi dei soliti.

Very nice article, as usual. From a human point of view it served no purpose other than to justify the use of huge public resources to assert the political leadership of the USA and reassure American citizens from external attacks.
But it also served the economic well-being of the US citizens themselves, the applications of the technologies discovered led to the electronic revolution in the 1980s and increased the economic, political and military power of the US. In order to feed a growing industrial sector, resources are needed, but above all, it is necessary that the supply of these resources is secure... and if many resources are found in Africa, then a few coups of the favorite can be supported.
To this day, to flaunt freedom with wars only serves to justify one's actions to the voters for the interests of the usual people.

Ti ringrazio molto.
Ieri, manco a farlo apposta, leggevo che adesso la risposta degli USA al disastro covi potrebbe essere una nuova corsa allo spazio.
Bene...altro tassello da aggiungere alla teoria del "non ci hanno capito un caxxo"...

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