Can we find stability in our personality changes?

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Our personality is what identifies us, it is what makes us different and gives us a sense of respect in a very competitive society, there are behavioral traits that make us establish a personality that can be very marked in the course of our lives, however it is very normal that we change throughout our lives and with it also our personality traits until we really manage to stabilize.

In view of the above, it is appropriate to ask ourselves the following question:

Is there a stability for personality traits?

This is an answer that depends on many factors, however I would dare to say that there are two main aspects in relation to personality traits that must be considered:

  • The personality traits can be admitted as changeable, this is because certainly each person is adapted to develop in life personality traits that suit their needs, for this is often necessary a change to adapt to the environment that surrounds it.

  • The personality traits also admit a stability, that is why from my point of view I think that stability comes after trying and changing until we get favorable results, if after all the changes we achieve good results, then it is convenient that we remain stable and with this we can surely maintain stable personal relationships with other people.

In conclusion, I can say that we can be changeable in our personality traits and achieve stability at a point where our personal relationships can reach the highest point, where our life predictions are accurate and where our personality makes us accept ourselves as we are.