Is it possible to become dependent on cryptocurrency investments?

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This possible dependence that I am going to explain is not specifically an economic dependence, but rather an addictive dependence, although it is true that there are many people who take cryptocurrency investments as a serious job, there are others who are trapped in a psychological game from which they can hardly get out.

There are many serious projects behind many cryptocurrencies, reason why it ends up being very attractive for many investors to invest in some cryptocurrencies that will give a high return either in the long or short term, we can not ignore the fact that investments in cryptocurrencies have a high risk due to its high volatility, such volatility has a psychological effect on many people who decide to enter the world of cryptocurrency investments.

Some people who invest in cryptocurrencies get big profits thanks to the high volatility that these have, this situation makes them believe that this will always be so, so they continue investing without any knowledge until they get losses, the whole ecosystem begins to be seen by some people as a game of chance, in which if they lost, then they invest more to try to recover their initial investment, and if they win they want to invest more to win more, without realizing these people reach the point where they are already immersed in a psychological environment of dependence and addiction to cryptocurrency investments.

For all those who know how to control their impulses and emotions, and manage to have a vision in the world of cryptocurrency investments as a job opportunity I really congratulate them because it is the vision that we all should have.

For those who are immersed in that addiction dependence on cryptocurrency investments, let me tell you that it has a solution, the important thing is to recognize it and start working to correct the addiction problem.