Environmental and public health consequences of the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine

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Perhaps we are fearful of the environmental consequences of deploying nuclear bombs, but the traditional use of other implements of war also produces serious environmental and public health consequences, so there is a high probability that Ukraine will suffer negative post-war consequences, as explosions, fires and infrastructure collapses in major Ukrainian cities pose a danger to the natural environment of the region and may bring environmental consequences that go beyond the borders of Ukraine, and this taking into account that nuclear weapons are not detonated.

It is important that we evaluate the consequences of this war beyond the economic and social consequences that are currently being presented, this does not mean that the social and economic aspects should not be reviewed, but it is important not to leave aside the evaluation of the environmental impact of the war.

In the different war conflicts that have occurred throughout the history of mankind, the strong negative impact that this represents for nature and the environment has been ignored, since the material released from the explosions, such as toxic gases and heavy metals, endanger biodiversity and in general the entire ecosystem where the war is being executed.

In conclusion I say that the intention of developing this post is to raise awareness to many about the importance of knowing what are the negative effects of wars in nature, I hope that the day will come in the not too distant future where wars and armed conflicts have no place in this world.