Can it be a pressure to constantly surpass ourselves?

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There are several contexts in which an individual may feel pressured by the fact of having to constantly improve, an example of this is in sports, since the challenges are ever greater, and although an athlete may be good, there is always the possibility of having to constantly improve and demand more from himself.

Such demands can lead the person to stress and constant pressure that are not favorable to their performance.

Setting goals can be interesting for our personal development, however if we go beyond the border of what is normal we can fall into an overexertion, where the only thing that interests us is to do and excel at the cost of what we know, sometimes just to prove to others our worth to continue progressing, the balance is very important to lead a healthy life in relation to having to share time for our personal development and also for our personal life.

The overload is noticed when we reproach ourselves because we were not given some goal, this reproach can become an additional stress that instead of helping can generate the opposite effect, and in the end we can spoil the project that we are developing.

If we take breaks every time we demand from ourselves we can release the pressure and find the desired effect, which is to progress in our projects, while we enjoy other aspects of our personal life.


That's a good point. Sometimes constantly making yourself "better" can be a source of stress.

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Hello friend, that is why it is so important to maintain the balance between the proposed goals to develop ourselves personally.

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