The psychological phenomenon of emotional contagion

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Greetings my dear friends of this prestigious platform, because our existence is linked to the permanent coexistence with people around us undoubtedly we can be infected by the different emotions of all these people, of course, some will be full of joy but others not so much, for example, when we see a person jumping with joy this fact causes us at least a smile and a quiet inside, however, there are times when we see someone crying with great feeling this leads us to sadden us and this expel some tears.

This type of psychological phenomenon may be very common, but have you ever been emotionally infected?

Particularly it has happened to me in countless cases, so it is important to emphasize that it is a psychological quality that we human beings possess, that is, to be able to share certain emotions experienced by someone around us, another aspect and which I have been able to experience in my case is that beyond the fact of emotionally infecting me, my behavior or behavior has been infected in the same way.

We can see a person jumping with emotion and that makes us emotionally infected but we can also do the same, and then, we would be infected both emotionally and behaviorally as we behave in the same way, this phenomenon is not only developed by humans as we have also noticed it in other living species, a clear example is represented by the canines or dogs we have at home or our neighbors.

I think that when we are able to become emotionally contagious it is because we are connected with the people around us and the reality that surrounds us, then, this type of psychological phenomenon can be considered of great importance for the members of the different societies in which human beings and other kinds of living species are distributed.

The emotional contagion then we could see it as that automatic method that allows us to enter in the highest tuning with the sentimental expressions of all those people around us, of course, especially with the members of our family, highlighting that in many occasions this type of psychological phenomenon at some point some of us can transmit it consciously in order to put in tune with someone who is going through a bad time, that is, in this case we can consider this type of action as a targeted emotional contagion.

Whether consciously or unconsciously, the truth is that each of the people on this planet in my humble opinion has experienced this wonderful phenomenon and perhaps without realizing it, but we are emotionally infected by the people around us and this process has reciprocity since we can and have done the same in spreading emotion to the people around us.

Of course, there is emotion of any kind, but we get it unconsciously or consciously, which we can laugh, cry, scream, among other actions.

Until another opportunity my dear friends.

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That's somewhat part of being a human being, isn't it?


Hello friend, that is correct. Greetings.

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