Digital technology will help us to better adapt to the post-Covid world

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Greetings my dear readers of this prestigious platform, as human beings throughout our history we have been adapting to every situation that comes our way in any aspect of our existence, where, in relation to the above we can say that the field of technology plays a vital role for this purpose, for no one is a secret that with the arrival of the pandemic of Covid drastically changed the horizon of all humanity, however, thanks to the implementation of digital technologies we have managed to adapt in the best way to the new world that awaits us in the coming years.

Actually, the road has not been easy because we were not prepared for this eventuality, and sometimes we noticed how the whole world was paralyzed little by little and our lifestyle was also going in the same direction, however, thanks to the rapid changes to which we are accustomed in the field of technology we have advanced in the best way towards the new horizon that has allowed us to draw such a pandemic, although we still have a long way to go.

In these last two years we have really been able to highlight the immense value that each technological development has left us, making us anticipate the use of these technological applications because many people were frightened when they talked about the transition to the use of digital technologies, and also, it was thought that for this to happen it would have to take many years, that is why the space-time called future is totally uncertain.

If we want to highlight one of these digital trends we would have to point to artificial intelligence (AI), since the application of these sets of algorithms makes them an essential tool for any organization, company or state that wants to better understand the post-Covid world, especially in the area of health where the speed of information is vital to counteract any attack of a certain virus, and thus, to better predict the demand for medical care, to name just one example of the wide range of advantages that AI offers us in any aspect of our lives.

There are many applications that day after day allow us to better adapt to the new world we live in, but the important thing is that as humanity we follow our path using as light the field of technology and of course science.

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AI in health care will be very important. It will also become important in cybersecurity as well. COVID, for all its death and destruction, pushed forward and made many things possible that have been stagnant.