Take a look at some of the lakes in California that have been swallowed up by the 'megadrought,' hitting record low levels - Conservation News

Boats barely able to float due to the megadrought.

Business Insider collected some photos of the devastating effects of California's megadrought is having on local lakes, rivers, and reservoirs.

Climate change has worsened droughts and wildfires due to the increase in heat and dryness. Temperatures have risen an average of 2 degrees in California and a possible global increase of another 1.5 degrees is possible by 2040.

If you live in California or another drought stricken region, please conserve water when you can. Reuse water when you can. The classic "kill two birds with one stone" works here. Heating up your shower or bath water? Collect the water that runs out of the faucet while you wait for it to heat in a bucket or other container and water your plants, or rinse your dishes with it. It will save you money as well, you may end up doing it even when there isn't a drought. Invest in rain collection, but make sure its proper collection barrels or containers. You do not want to get mosquitos or other issues. These are now readily available for decent prices or you can build you own.

Rain water collection barrel for when it actually rains...

Read the article from Business Insider : https://www.businessinsider.com/take-a-look-at-lakes-that-dried-up-california-drought-2021-6

10 Ways to conserve water by American Rivers : https://www.americanrivers.org/rivers/discover-your-river/top-10-ways-for-you-to-save-water-at-home/

45 ways to conserve water at home and in the yard from Earth Easy : **https://learn.eartheasy.com/guides/45-ways-to-conserve-water-in-the-home-and-yard/

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