|| Digital addition and what we need to know! ||

Who doesn't have a smartphone these days? I don't know how many hours we spend in front of monitors or any kind of digital device. It's an addition which we don't understand. And it's not actually our fault. But we surely have some duties to take control of it.



More or less we all know how harmful digital addiction can be. Our brain and eyes are, in particular, have suffered most from an increase in technology use. The resolution, the wave, the heat; everything is causing different health issues unknowingly. And we should get worried because we are not that conscious about this.

Then what can we do to take control over it?

  • Take control over your mobile device usage. You know this is the most important thing you should first take care of. We spend hours scrolling on our phone, we compromise with our sleep, we ignore eye dryness and headache. Set up a limit to use a phone and try to follow that strictly.

  • Don't be on wifi 24/7. Give yourself some time to spend without the internet, especially before bed.

  • Reduce every kind of monitor time. Not just mobile, from tv to your laptop, from your gaming device or projector. Don't spend hours continuously in front of monitors.

  • Getting a healthier work-life balance is also necessary. Work means monitor time. So try to have your own personal life and ensure some monitor less time.

  • Take a break from every digital thing often. Like a day in a week or two in a month. Your body and mind will eventually adjust and invent deviceless ways to do things.

I know it will feel impossible at first. But if you really can follow these and adapt to other offline healthy lifestyle, you will gradually feel a positive change. And thus the addiction will go forever.

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