Believer - We need to adjust to modern society

Remember me? I'm the guy who is often on the funny side of awkward stuff that happens around us. The political tantrums, lies, drama and whatnot.

Yeah, think of that ridiculous stuff that makes normal people squeeze their face whenever they consume media content. I often see a lot of it and I can't help but laugh it off. I suggest you do the same for the sake of your mental health.

Simply put, don't ever believe everything you see online.

I'm saying this because we all need to adjust to modern society. This world isn't as honest as it used to be.

You may think that this has something to do with Nigerian Politicians and their cooked up lies, but I'm sorry to disappoint you. My focus would be on stuff that happens across various social media platforms including places like Hive. Yeah, we are all in the mix.

It's mostly seen in lifestyle content when people tell you about their daily routine, early morning rituals and whatnot.

What about the photography section?

Not this photography though

You need to see the effort it takes to edit those nice looking pictures. Hehe. I'm also trying to spice up my editing skills. I wouldn't want to be the laid back guy in this era. Let's all wow the rest of the world with flashy pictures and videos.

On a serious note... You can check Instagram, Twitter and any other social media that suits your taste. You will see the handiwork of technology in the pictures and videos posted on those places. It's nothing new though... We all do it. We pimp our pictures and run them through multiple editing Softwares before presenting them to the public.

On one hand, we have ' the normal ones' who try to circle out the pimple on their cheeks and the dark spot on their forehead. On the other hand, we have ' the extremists' who perform a sort of plastic surgery on their pictures and fix themselves inside the latest Tesla model ~ So to speak.

That's the type of stuff I saw today in one of those random social media platforms. I'd see it a lot, but seeing it from someone I know kinda gives a different vibe. For the record, the picture doesn't look anything like the person's reality. The highlight of the whole stuff was from the comment section of that same picture.

I don't know if everyone was pretending not to notice, but it was funny seeing how almost everyone wanted to be the person they were seeing in the picture.

Funny, isn't it? Hehe

Remember, I'm telling you this because you need to adjust to modern society. Don't believe everything you see online.


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the normal ones' who try to circle out the pimple on their cheeks and the dark spot on their forehead.

I have tried and tried and tried and I've given up. At some point I went like, you people should take your editing...I can't do again ....

But people who edit go through a lot of stress to create a false imagine and onlookers see it and immediately want t to imitate...they dun know

We should actually adjust and stop believing all we see online.

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Lol... Editing is never easy. Somehow, they always pay attention to every tiny detail.

I was in a photo studio some days ago and I see how a lady was giving remarks on every part that needs to be retouched. Lol.

It was a funny scene to witness

I can imagine hearing...

Put some touches to my black spots...
Flatten my stomach..whiten my teeth's😂

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