The Policy Is Unnecessary

in The City of Neoxian5 months ago

I am here today in these community to share a little thoughts with us or should i say a little experience which i have been going through in the past few weeks up until now, I am very pissed off but i will try not to talk rude might not be allowed in this community maybe or it might be allowed which ever way, That is not the major problem i came here to share with us i will begin in the next paragraph.


This is me trying to link Instagram to my ads page, I want to create a Instagram ads but I'll need to do it through my Facebook. It is an ads called sponsored Instagram ads, running ads is what i do for people, Apart from HIVE i am a social media marketer, I sell pages IG, I grow Instagram pages that is what i do apart from posting on HIVE. Alright that is that for that i have been trying to create a payment in ads account “Payment Method” but it keeps on getting my account disabled, I was told by a socal media personnel but i didn't believe him that much and it happened to me i was happy because my funds haven't been added.


Immediately I opened another account for my ads i was in the evolved of making things work then again i got disabled i was so mad and i wouldn't give up i opened another ads account. I was also in the evolved of getting the payment methods working my account for the ads got blocked again i was again so very mad.


These time they did not just block my ads for advertising but also payment methods and you all know tis is very important because it has money in it and i had to download an app called chipper cash that was the only way to input your visa card because i heard FG is sueing Facebook that is by the way I'll be in debt because there's money inside the account so i followed the restore process, I guess you can see the photograph to prove.

These past week i have been going through a lot just to make a sponsored Instagram ads i am tired but i won't give up because i told to wait for 1-3 business working days, I had to make a report because i have money inside it and it's dollar, Technology advances a lot just in few months i didn't run ads everything changed.

These is just a video to show you there is a new update for ads on Instagram sit back and you will enjoy it.