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RE: YouGov Poll: 34% of Millennials Question if "World is Round"

What I don't get is this post (which I really liked and will contribute a meaningful [I hope] comment on,) has only comments by what appear to me to be upvote bots.
[Why is that?]

Personally, I cannot Fathom how anyone can doubt the PLETHORA of scientific evidence showing the roundness or our planet.
How people go to such GREAT extents to explain how they can get on an aircraft and fly AROUND the Earth yet still claim that it is flat.
Millenial or not, your brains are still active, and even though there is (as far as I know) ONE passage in the bible that refers to the Earth as a disk (which of course the millennials would discount out of hand as superstition)...
Well that is enough. I just don't get it.
Good post @ironshield.