Technology : A Lifesaver With The Rising Issue of Unemployment in Many African Countries

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Even as some parts of the world continue to develop, others remain underdeveloped. Others continue to win, while others continue to lose. Many people complain about scarcity while others see abundance. This illustrates the disparities between the developed and underdeveloped worlds, as well as between the rich and the poor. Finding solutions to your problems is more crucial than simply being aware of your problems. Most people only focus on their problems, whine about them, and do nothing to resolve them.

The possibilities in today's world are endless, so all you need to do is consider many options and look for new ways to approach problems. As we've seen, innovation and technology have greatly helped to find solutions to the majority of the world's problems.


Many people are unaware of how they can significantly change their lives using technology, despite the fact that technology has already had a significant impact on every aspect of our existence. The majority of developed nations have embraced technology to succeed in many ways.

Technology could be a lifesaver given the rising number of unemployed youth in Africa.Nowadays, those who have an entrepreneurial mindset but lack the startup capital can begin their business journey online. Hive has been the top location where I've seen many young people start their blogging careers and make some investments for themselves through it.

I think that starting isn't that difficult when there is so much information available to guide you. The biggest opportunity Hive has provided to many people who would love to make the most of their time on Hive is starting without having to make any initial investment. Everyone is welcome into the world of Hive and can sign up for free.


We can also talk about other social media networks, which has given people the platform to participate while advertising their goods and services to a large audience. With the advent of social media, online business has been made simpler. Many young entrepreneurs today have been using Facebook to buy and sell goods and services, engaging in business transactions without the need of middlemen, all from the comfort of their own homes.

The ability to showcase one's talents to the world has also been made possible by technology. Many artists, musicians, photographers, writers and gamers have found Hive to be a fantastic place where their skills have been harnessed for greater good. Others have found success on Tiktok and YouTube, and as a result, they have benefited financially from their abilities.

Things that were previously impractical in the real world are now possible thanks to technological innovation. You would probably discover a plethora of opportunities just by browsing the internet. Without exploration, there would be no discovery. This has been an issue for many people who never go exploring. I think the problem of unemployment in many African nations would have reduced if more young people had embraced technology.


The Covid pandemic exposed Many African nations to what was possible with technology. During that time, many developed nations had already leveraged technology for good, allowing many people to work conveniently from home, attend school online, and place orders for goods and services remotely.

Many nations have realised the importance of fully embracing technology in the aftermath of the pandemic. I believe that many African nations can learn from other countries that have seen massive development, reducing and eliminating unemployment, and simplifying most services through the use of technology. I believe that if Africans pay more attention to technology, it would greatly help deal with unemployment issues and provide them with more opportunities.


Hi, friend.

Technology is the only thing that in the future will help us all to move forward, I am studying computer science career of which I am very proud for its advances in technology, we must look for new approaches we have them in our hands the important thing is to know how to exploit them .

Greetings and thanks for sharing your article.

True, technology is the future and will benefit us all. Even now, we can feel its influence, and the earlier many people learn to be tech-savvy or fall in love with technology, the better. You have chosen a good path with computer science; the future looks bright with more opportunities when you finish. I wish you the best in all your endeavours.

We are blessed to have such an innovation of our time. Thanks for sharing bro.

my pleasure

Hive is truly a blessing. Through Hive, any one can earn a living and pursue their passions. Hive is clearly a lasting proof that technology is here to transform us and the way we live, love, do business, etc.

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