Technology combining green hydrogen and offshore petroleum facilities

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The technology that combines green hydrogen is called SUISO, this technology arises from the existing demand for new energy alternatives, this energy transition is not easy because to generate enough energy to meet the current energy demand we still depend on energy derived from fossil fuels.

SUISO technology is a technology that converges in the diversity of energy generation from various renewable energy sources among which renewable energy, floating wind, floating solar and marine energy stand out, having in particular the favorable advantage of grouping everything in a single system.

Taking into account that this technology is based on a system where several sources of energy are used to converge into a single one, the main objective of this type of technology is to feed electrolyzer systems that are installed on offshore oil platforms used for the production of green hydrogen.

It is important to mention that SUISO technology arises as a result of the current demand for green hydrogen, the other highlight is that this technology also allows the renewal of oil and gas production systems that have come to an end. Through the process of obtaining green hydrogen, oxygen is obtained that can be used, for example, in aquaculture and seaweed production.

The technology platform behind this technology is Saipem, which uses engineering as a cutting-edge element for the construction and operation of power generation plants with the aim of making the process safe and sustainable.

Saipem as a platform is committed to support the rise of this technology and ensure that its customers move forward in this energy transition using assets and technologies increasingly innovative and supported in the digital era to develop a more sustainable process as far as power generation is concerned.


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