Reasons why we will not find identity answers outside of existential thinking

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It is common that in the course of our lives we ask ourselves questions that logically arise from some doubts that have their roots in the existential, and that also achieve that we can develop a conscience attached to the importance of taking advantage of our time while we are alive.

In order to develop the full consciousness that will take us in essence to the summit of everything that merits a deep self-reflection, it is necessary that we do not stop thinking about our existence and the meaning that life can have that goes beyond being able to live the pleasures that life as we know it offers us.

Being the most time questioning what seems common, is what will position us in a place where we can have a better perception of reality.

We will know that life has a meaning every time we live experiences that make us feel happiness, and although nobody wants sadness we are also aware that it is part of life, every time we eat the food we like, every time we achieve a goal, every time something surprising happens we believe that life has a meaning.

However, when we extrapolate this situation to go beyond the aspects that life gives us, such as thinking from the existential point of view, is when thinking about the meaning of life becomes complex, we look for an identity that despite all the social links, does not seem to be in accordance with the explanations that we are given, it seems that something supernatural put in order all things so that we live fulfilling the dream or fantasy of someone who has the power to create or destroy every time he pleases.

We feel in a particular way because we are in the image and likeness of someone who wanted us to emulate without knowing it, we only think and evaluate it when we think about the existential, it is normal that many of us have good and bad behaviors, but many times we do not find a logical explanation, it is simple, we behave for what we were created, we feel the need to know the reason for things perhaps because outside of an existential thought is impossible to find.