Motivational strength: never stop fighting

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The simplicity of our thinking lies in the fact that every instant of time we can think of the indefinite times we can try to achieve something even if it is not denied.

It is an inner strength that is not the result of each victory, nor consider that this strength is diminished by each defeat, it is simply our mental struggles that empower the strength with which we become stronger and less vulnerable to failures, and on the contrary we seek to learn from them and motivate us to continue working to achieve our goals.

The merits can have those who deserve them, but overcoming the fear of failure, having to go through multiple difficulties and having to make the decision not to give up, I think it is the most valuable situation to reward with the best merits that exist, because it is very difficult to continue on the road when all the doors are closed, but that internal motivating force is what makes us not give up.

Once we win the fight we do not need that force, but the perseverance to maintain what we have achieved, however if we want to put that motivational force to use, we must simply look for new scenarios and consider new struggles in which most likely we can fail and we need the simplicity of our thoughts to invoke that motivational force.

Everything explained so far derives from possessing and putting into practice a winning mentality willing to work on each personal struggle we have over each failure faced along the way, we must not become obsessed about our goals, each objective is a struggle that we must fight, and it is one by one that we must face.


Well said, we don't have to become obsessed with our goals. I usually give myself several then for me it is not a problem if any of them can not reach it. There are goals that may be within our reach, others not