How to manage our time and avoid falling into the excess of daily tasks?

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The daily stress can be controlled by ourselves as long as we make a correct planning of our daily tasks, and in this way we can avoid falling into that overload of short goals that we place ourselves to fulfill daily, since in many opportunities stress overflows us product of so much work because of the objectives that we have set.

It does not matter where we are working, since the objectives proposed for the day to day can range from our formal work to the tasks we perform at home in our free time. The influential factor in this case is time, since suddenly the tasks to be executed do not seem very difficult to accomplish, however most of the time we do not have enough time to execute them, which ends up generating stress for not being able to accomplish everything on time.

Having clear that the time factor is the one that prevents us from the execution of the objectives, then we can think of a series of strategies that can help us to better manage the time and in consecuenci release our face of daily stress.

A correct planning must always carry a thought of no recharge, that is to say when we plan is with the objective of not saturate, if we are ourselves who plan our time, we must keep in mind not to plan taking into account the excess of daily objectives, we must know that it is preferable to take a little more time, but without stress and that in the end that that seems to us more time in the end will translate into less time, since we will execute the daily objectives being less tired and therefore with greater effectiveness and efficiency.

Not all the objectives that we plan to execute for the day to day are so important, so in our planning we can take into account to execute the most important and leave the less important for another day.

Distractions are very bad and end up stressing us. While it is true that entertainment frees us from stress, when we are unnecessarily distracted at times when we should be focused on our goals, in the end we will need more time and we will end up stressing, so my recommendation is not to be distracted while we are getting our tasks afloat.

Wanting to have a craving for prominence hurts us, this means that by wanting to do everything by ourselves we overload ourselves with work, for this the solution is to admit that we need help and delegate some activities whenever the environment lends itself so that we can delegate some tasks.


It is true that managing our time better would help us to have less stress, but it is also true that carrying out a job that takes you from the morning to seven until 6:30 in the evening, there is little time left.

Hello friend, certainly the time factor is the one that has the most negative impact on our daily activities, whether at work or at home.

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we still live in a society where the worker is fully exploited from Monday to Friday, during those days, the tiredness is such after work that it is difficult to plan something