Everything good in life is born from a leap into the void

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Jumping into the abyss means risk, in some circumstances in our lives we have to risk to get the things that we consider good and that we do not have.

An abyss of life implies jumping into the unknown, that is to say, jumping into the abyss of life that we choose does not imply that we are still jumping to death and the definitive end of our aspirations, only that we consider it an abyss because it is unexplored, but if we do not jump we run the risk of living on the edge of the abyss asking ourselves:

What would have happened if I had dared to jump?

In the year 2017 I had to jump into an abyss that was presented to me, exactly in September of that year I started my path as a blogger, at that time I had no idea how to make a post, I did not know what cryptocurrency was, I did not understand very well all the technology involved in that process, I did not even mastered very well the use of the computer. However, the economic need that was already present at that time made me jump into the abyss of the unexplored.

When I started the path and jumped into the abyss, I realized that when we jump into the abyss of the unexplored we find the best opportunity to start new learning and to find what we need.

The risk of jumping into the abyss of the unexplored only means a risk because we see it from a perspective of not wanting to leave our comfort zone, since having to learn new things implies a challenge in which there is a fear of failure, but even if we do not try we will never know if we could or not.

Today for today I can say with all certainty that it was worth it to have jumped into the abyss that was presented to me in 2017, since the opportunity that was presented to me helped me to learn new and cutting edge technological aspects that are being very useful to me today,I could also strengthen my knowledge in petroleum engineering, since one of my goals was to expand my knowledge in the area of petroleum engineering through my new profession of blogger, that led me to have to research and prepare myself, also to remember old knowledge to be able to show in the best way everything that I know.

If we want to reach something that is in the unexplored path of an abyss that can bring us good hopes, then it is something we must try, we do not lose anything and we can win a lot, if we fail in the attempt, we can keep trying multiple times until we reach it, however if we do not try there will always be the question of knowing if we could have achieved it.

I am still pursuing desires, I believe that I am missing things to obtain and achieve for this life, I hope that as in the year 2017 an opportunity to work on something unexplored that is new to me, but that allows me to continue obtaining knowledge and hope for life, I thank all those people who have contributed so that every time I propose to jump the abyss into the unexplored and seek new opportunities the road becomes easier for me.