eDrilling technology to optimize oil well drilling operations

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This technology is based on the use of eDrilling software, which is used in well drilling to optimize the drilling operations of oil wells.

The fundamental objective in the use of this technology is to be able to improve performance in all areas of well drilling, since the use of this technology provides well drilling operations with design solutions in the execution of field drilling operations.

This promises to be a highly innovative technology as it uses software that brings together different digital applications that also include artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics, the use of this technology may lead to an increase in its actual use in the near future and thus improve the efficiency and safety of operations.


Digital companies that are leaders in the market that provide this technology to the oil industry add that this technology will be used to obtain solutions in the oil industry but above all minimizing the risks of accidents at the level of the drilling rig floor which is where most accidents occur.

As can be seen in the cover image of this post, we can see how the workers on the drill floor operate a hydraulic wrench that is done in an automated way, this is achieved by not having to operate manually, where many accidents occur, even where workers have amputated their hands when they have to use these hydraulic wrenches to twist the drill pipe.

The other important thing is that if these operations are automated, the drilling and completion time of the well is shortened, thus achieving savings in drilling costs, if this is coupled with the benefit of improving the safety of workers and increase the efficiency of their drilling operations then the well drilling industry will be highly benefited.