Considerations in the perception of personal development

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It is important to consider personal development as a process, since there are many different objectives that we can set to overcome to achieve our own personal development.

The way in which we motivate ourselves will be very conducive to reach emotional maturity, nothing is achieved without going through defeats and learning, which is why personal development is a long process in which we mature little by little until we reach the top of the mountain (personal development).

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How do we know if we have reached the fullness of our personal development?

Not all people yearn for the same thing, some yearn for riches, others yearn to have a big family, others yearn for health, some want to be successful professionals, in short, all this makes us think that there is a personal development plan for each individual.

After each one is clear in the objectives that he has to achieve to get what he wants from life, he knows that he has to work hard on it, in that way there are failures, we also have to learn things that are not to our liking, so going through all those experiences of failures and learning makes us reach emotional maturity, so it could be a point of lucidity to know that we are close to reach our personal development when we know that we have emotional maturity.

Another indication of knowing that we are walking directly towards obtaining the fullness of our personal development is to feel that the action we perform has some sense, we know why we do it and the importance of each achievement, while when we walk in life without having a clear life plan is because we are not pursuing our own personal development.

Fear can be a stumbling block in our desire to develop ourselves personally, however having control and confidence in every action we take makes us have the security that we are making good decisions, on the contrary if we doubt in what we do, we will come to our mind the possibility of failure, what we can do when in doubt is to rectify our plans before executing them, but once consolidated we must be confident that what we have planned is correct.

Having a pattern of competence makes us train for the worst of the difficulties, so that when they are presented to us we will know how to deal with them, for this we must seek to overcome all the models that are immune to adversity.

Finally and to close this set of considerations, another aspect that helps us to reach that path of improvement and personal development is the fact of feeling original all the time, that is why we should not make the mistake of copying models and strategies, besides the fact that each person's needs among us are all different, that each one reaches his personal development in a different way is synonymous of success without any demotivation.