Can we live genuinely?

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To live a genuine life implies the fact of being able to experiment on our own emotions, that is to say the convenient thing is to live knowing our own emotions and with it to be able to understand the substratum of order from the place where our emotions operate.

If we contemplate the fact of seeing the genuine as original, then we have the possibility that while we live we can direct much of our attention to ourselves, the important thing is that we can know ourselves and correct ourselves without generating a self-blame, in which we can create a space of internal correlation with our own being.

The originality of a full living cannot be separated from the fact that we feel our deeds in a conscious way, in which we can cover most of our human needs without losing the originality of our being and without having to adhere to the unfair rules of our society.

We have been taught to live our emotions in a certain way without understanding their true functionality. Emotions are responses to internal and external stimuli. They function as messengers.

In conclusion, we can live in a genuine way as long as we can live understanding the true essence of our emotions, since emotions end up being in our lives the functional character par excellence to understand the direction of our life.

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