Life without a Phone/Pc

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It seems some of us are yet to realize the importance of our gadgets in our lives... These things have become more than a best friend to us, they have become our partner in everything we do...

When i wake up in the morning, the first think i pick up is my phone and also before sleeping in the night, that is the last thing i hold... How miserable and lonely would it be if a day will come that i won't have access to it....

A friend of mine @nkemakonam89 phone's developed a fault last month and she was not active online for two days, when she came back she said life is hell without phone.. I agreed with her 100 percent because the phone is now more than what we used for fun, it is now a device that helps us to earn....

There are some void that our gadget can fill that people won't be able to do for us....



Music is a therapy that many of us need, it can heal us from depression, it can heal a broken heart, it connect us to the spiritual world, it makes us feel alive and it helps in meditating and remember past event, so music is one thing many people can't do without including me, Music seems to be the best thing i love to hear and i can't go a day without listening to it cos i am listening to it as i am writing this post...

Our phone makes it easier to download and listen to all songs unlike when you have to be buying disc and tape, all you need is data and you get your music!


Connect you to people all around the world

The privilege we have today is thanks to the internet and our phones, i won't have ever imagine having a conversation with people from other countries if i had no phone, my knowledge would be limited to only what i see and hear from my country people and gist about other countries would have been like a fairy tale, i can imagine how our fore fathers felt when they hear gist about what other countries have and other interesting gist like that...

My phone and the internet brought other countries to me, i can relate with what is going on there without leaving my country, how amazing that is, a life without phone will cut that short!


Source of Income

Gone are the days that our mobile is just for the purpose of having fun like chatting, watching movies and other interesting things, now it can be used to earn money online, there are so many based online work that we can do with our phone now and one good example is Hive seems to be some people main source of income, a life without a phone will render them jobless!

I know the importance of phone and pc in my life, so i always make sure to have an emergency funds ready just incase they develop a fault and i need to fix or get a new one....

A question for you...... How will your life be without a phone?

Just call me Burl.

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Smiles 🥰
Burl just reminded me those two miserable days in my life 😂😂....what a heck...I never saw it

U know my plan now, to buy another smaller android and keep by my side since I can't afford a pc for now ..I wouldn't want that ugly experience to repeat

Indeed, phone /pc is a powerful tool in human life, it's benefits are just too numerous my dear

you need it, that is exactly what i did too, i have two phones just incase one break down, i think your next goal should be getting a pc.. trust me you will fall in love with your online activities more when you make use of Pc....😊

Really? We will talk about this pc in the other side please
Hubby has one🤦

snatch it lol

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Would be living like in medieval era.

will you actually prefer to live in such era ?

In some cases like better relationship/friendship, yes.

but you will lose so many things

you will lose your job
connection with friends from other countries

it will cost you a lot

it will cost you hive too😁

I said "some cases"

well the disadvantages is more than the advantage... thanks for your feed back

How miserable and lonely would it be if a day will come that i won't have access to it....

I don't even want to imagine how it will be because there's one thing I'm certain of,. It will be devastating to the extent that people around you will feel the palpable anger.

Phones have come to be my second parents honestly. They are so valuable that I think once you've had phone and lost it, you will literally put everything to a pause until you get another one.

yea losing our phones and not able to get another one is a tragedy

We are now addicted to it and it is one addiction we don't want to get cured of, this addiction is beneficial to us as it makes us happy and also earn us money....

Exactly 😂

I might die of boredom if I do not have my mobile phone and/or pc

boredom pro max😁

Life will indeed be very boring😩

Maybe its because for the most part of my youth smart phones didnt exist but Im very use to not caring about my phone, I dont have tons of ppl on whatsapp, barely chat, i prefer to call instead of chat, I really dont think its about void I think its about appreciating life as it was 20 years ago before all this tech came in, this coming from someone who is an IT, when ppl ask me things about instagram, facebook, like how to do things and I answer "I dont know" they dont believe me and think I dont want to help them

Yay! 🤗
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