A little PC appreciation

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When I started blogging on hive about 2 years ago I only had my mobile phone. It was all I made use of then and what I learned the basics of hive on, so it was pretty easy for me to use. I learned how to do everything on mobile. From simple tasks like Transfers, and writing posts, to 3speak videos, play2earn games, and so on. To me it was normal.


Getting close and interacting with other hivers I found out a large number of people ( at least the ones I interacted with) used hive from their pc majorly, and only used mobile when they were out and had to reply to comments and whatnot. I eventually realized that even though I could do a lot of things with the mobile there were still things my mobile couldn't do, or it could do it but the steps involved were just strenuous compared to on the pc.


I had planned on getting a pc earlier but was waiting it out till I could afford the best of the best. The best of the best seemed too far and for some reason, my need for a pc started becoming evident at times. I decided to just go for it. I took out a little from the HBD I was planning on saving and added it to what I had in order to purchase my pc. She's a Dell Latitude e7250.


My pc when she just arrived

Not a high-end laptop by any means, but she's been enough to do everything I need easily without breaking a sweat. And she also plays less demanding games like minetest and old versions of Pes.


A couple of months have passed and she hasn't given me problems (except one time when I had a minute issue that may or may not have been my fault). She's made things so much easier. During the three days before I fixed that problem, I realized how difficult it had been using mobile all these while. Even posting that I'd argue was easier on mobile once upon a time was an issue. Eventually, the issue was resolved, and its been smooth sailing from there.

So smooth that I decided to reward her by getting her a new outfit this new year.


New laptop skin

I really like the look and the feel of the design. It's not visible in the picture but the skin glitters a little. It has made me love my pc even more. I'm looking forward to more fun times exploring hive and doing whatever I need and want to on her.



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Hello @b0s this is great news.

I'm so glad you could afford a new PC and it's working well for you.

I love the skin it is cool.

Barb :)




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@adcreatordesign, sorry! You need more $ALIVE to use this command.

The minimum requirement is 1000.0 ALIVE staked.

More $ALIVE is available from Hive-Engine or Tribaldex

Thank you

congrats b0s.. Pc looks nice! more wins to you buddy!

Thanks master Shinobi

Felicitaciones, por que lograste comprar tu pc, yo por mi parte hago lo mismo que muchos, contesto desde el teléfono los mensajes, y todo lo demás lo hago desde mi pc, creo que es mas cómodo para mi.

Sí, mucha gente lo hace de esta manera, es bastante agradable.

Getting things from your hard earned money is really the best! There's no doubt, Laptop or a PC has a lot of used than a Mobile. Even me, I am planning it for a long time now to get one, but I can't, yet. For now I am using mobile which I have no problem. But I am Hoping that one day I could get myself a laptop

Yeah a pc has helped cut the workload on my mobile a lot and has made things a lot easier and faster for me. I hope you get one soon as well.

Hehehe 😉
Look at how holy bos is adoring his PC...ok ooo, keep opressing Nkem 😂

Nothing do you, I am coming.. lolz

But on a serious note, you did well by getting that PC through ur hive earning and I am glad it's making things more easier for you even as u plan to explore more.

I don't know why I don't bother using my PC for all of these , mine just lieing low...I just like my phone for hive and chatting...so handy

Maybe one day, I will come on board 👍🤗

You can send it to me to be using it on your behalf 😉

Who is this wan 👁️👁️👁️🤣

Yes oo. Can't let a PC be wasting away.

Look at how holy bos is adoring his PC...ok ooo, keep oppressing Nkem 😂

If I don't oppress you, who will?

I don't know why I don't bother using my PC for all of these , mine just lieing low...I just like my phone for hive and chatting...so handy

Wow, so you have a PC and you just left it alone? You're a big woman oo. Kuku dash people like @vickoly that are looking for. It is very resourceful and can make blogging so much easier. I'm so sure if you try it you may not want to go back ,lol

If I don't oppress you, who will?
Oh c'mon Bos, stop opressing her 😃

Hmmm, maybe I should sell it back to vickoly ☺️😉

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This is a great way to keep you moving. When you turn around and see a beautiful laptop laying around, you'd definitely want to make good use of it.

Your hard work has gotten you this far.

More wins🥂✨

Thanks a lot Wongi. I admit the design makes me want to use it more

Thank you for having me✨.

Do have a great day ahead.

A great pleasure I have seen . For whatever family we will be having, this is one of the best gifts it can give you. Alhamdulillah. Have a great on boss and more success and blessings to come.

Thank you