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RE: Gamejammed - Final rush

in Game Development4 months ago

This was a surprisingly challenging game to play. I can honestly say that I did not manage to fetch 10 of the flashy boxes.

Really interesting concept. I like games with simple controls; losing games because I was unable to remember the correct control sequence is not my thing. I really did go into this one thinking that it'd be easy to do. And it was easy to play; I even enjoyed the feature of having to find a place to turn around to take another go. And it is difficult to design a "simple" game yet still have it be challenging and enjoyable.

You must have put in a great deal of thought in building that world and making sure everything was attainable. Very nicely done. I tip my hat to you!


Thank for your nice comment😁! It was a lot of thought but not as much as making it, I was very late for the jam time so I had to rush through level design(wich is the part I like the most) and I cheated a bit by adding more then ten flashy boxes. When the Gamejam is over in a few weeks I'm gonna make some more balance change. It is really hard and I would love something that can be finished kinda easily and then mastered with patience.

I'm trying to focus on simple design as I have the tendency to add way too much to games!