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RE: Relatable GameDev Adventure: "Procrastination Simulator GB" 0.1 (Devlog)

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I feel like this ending pretty much sums up me. Try something -> realize I don't excel at it after two hours and refuse to spend more time to become good -> give up.


Also don't know if this is intended but the W half disappeared from the first word on this screen:


Also typo in the 3rd ending:



Thanks for the feedback... The engine I used created these bugs in your second image (the W) disappeared, I know how to fix it, but I didn't catch all of them before I released it.

Thanks for telling me about the type in the "Asset Seeker" ending! Fixing now for the next version.

The first ending sums me (on my bad days) too~ I wish we'll become better.


What did the tie say to the hat?
I'll hang around here while you go on ahead.

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